The Firm’s litigation group includes former federal law clerks, former Law Review and Moot Court members, published authors, featured seminar speakers, and several Oklahoma Super Lawyers. The Firm’s talented litigation attorneys litigate and try cases in all state and federal courts throughout every venue in Oklahoma and, for select clients, western Arkansas. Members of the litigation group have served as lead or supervising counsel in state and federal courts throughout the country including the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Appellate Board.

Business Litigation

Our attorneys have successfully litigated and won trials involving breach of contract, trade secret, business torts, officer and director liability, and a wide variety of business litigation matters. Recently our firm successfully defended nine securities class action lawsuits brought nationwide following the merger of two large publicly traded oil and gas companies, which allowed the merger to consummate on time and to the betterment of the national shareholders of both companies.

Construction Litigation

We are proud to represent both general contractors and sub-contractors in construction claims around the State of Oklahoma. We recently won a jury verdict of $1 Million dollars in favor of a local subcontractor in a construction related claim. We regularly represent general contractors by tendering claims to subcontractors, reviewing contracts with owners and subcontractors, and aggressively defending them in all types of construction claim losses.

Employment Litigation

In addition to consulting businesses with regard to how to avoid litigation arising out of employment matters, the Firm regularly defends claims involving wrongful termination, retaliatory discharge, ERISA, FMLA and COBRA. One of our shareholders serves the local federal court as an Adjunct Settlement Judge and presides over all types of employment law claims, which gives our firm an unusual expertise and insight when we represent a party in employment law litigation of any kind.

Insurance Defense

Our firm is one of the premier insurance defense firms in the state. We regularly handle third party and first party claims for all of the major insurance carriers. We serve as national panel counsel for catastrophic injuries for one of the world’s leading insurance carriers, regularly defending general commercial liability claims in excess of $1 Million dollars.

Products Liability

Manufacturer’s Strict Products Liability is a serious claim. It is all or nothing. Our firm has never lost a products case and we have represented manufacturers all over America and Canada in claims in Oklahoma. Members of our firm were formerly with the law firm that wrote the book on products liability in Oklahoma by prevailing in the Oklahoma seminal case of Kirkland v. General Motors.


One of our unique niches is representing Insurance Companies to go after other third-parties to recover money paid out in settlement of a claim. In the year 2010 alone, in just two cases our firm recovered close to $1 Million dollars for a major national insurance company.


Two members of our litigation team have tremendous experience in representing clients in CERCLA, FIFRA, and other environmental claims, and were among the lead counsel for two Superfund Cleanup sites in Oklahoma.

Oil and Gas

The business unit of our firm is proud to have several major oil and gas related companies as clients of the firm. Our litigation team regularly has to go to bat for those clients in various types of oil and gas contract dispute litigation, royalty disputes, take or pay claims, and other claims unique to this industry.

Real Estate Litigation

We are fortunate to have the combination of members of our firm whose expertise is transactional real estate, and litigators who understand the issues. One of our firm’s major clients is the nation’s largest cell tower management company, and our litigation team serves as outside regional trial counsel for very complicated real estate litigation and condemnation issues.


We are one of the few law firms in the Tulsa area that has actively litigated OSHA claims with the Department of Labor. We know the field investigators. We have represented and counseled with local companies on their OSHA compliance issues. We have relationships with private safety training companies to ensure our clients are fully protected from OSHA citations and if or when a citation is issued, we know how to successfully defend and resolve it in our client’s favor.

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